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Complete Turnkey Services & Capabilities

For a company that can deliver high quality generator controls, switchgear, or even power control building packages, look no further than Point Eight Power International, a Mission Critical Group Company. We understand that our customers have a high standard for the reliability and flexibility of their manufacturing partners. Because of this, Point Eight Power International makes it our mission to adapt to the unique requirements of both OEM projects and custom designed, turnkey retrofit solutions and services.

We invite our customers to discover for themselves how partnering with Point Eight Power International’s technical expertise will result  in minimum down time and cost-effective equipment optimization.

Some of our Global Projects

Our Global Projects
Beijing Mexico Costa Rica Ecuador Venezuela Trinidad & Tobago Brazil Puerto Rico Tianjin Shanghai Hong Kong South Korea Philippines Thailand Singapore New Zealand Ravenna, Italy Catania, Itlay Poland Ireland Angola Chad Cameroon Equatorial Guinea Nigeria Gabon Israel Dubai Oman


Oil and Gas project with Medium Voltage Generator controls across 8 separate production platforms


Oil and Gas Facilities constructed and commissioned in Mexico for operation in Trinidad

Costa Rica

Privately owned pleasure craft needed assistance with automated features


Oil and Gas processing facility


Offshore Natural Gas Compression facility

Trinidad & Tobago

Multiple Oil and Gas Facilities for major global oil and gas companies.

Commissioning of back up power generation, power management systems, motor control and power distribution.


Oil and Gas site offshore in Brazil

Puerto Rico

Provided backup power for major resort/casino chain


Oil and Gas project with Medium Voltage Generator controls across 8 separate production platforms


Oil and Gas project with Medium Voltage Generator controls across 8 separate production platforms

Hong Kong

Oil and Gas project with Medium Voltage Generator controls across 8 separate production platforms

South Korea

Multiple Oil and Gas Projects at differing major shipbuilding yards involving Generator Controls and Automation.


Natural Gas based project with Energy Company. Medium Voltage switchgear


Repair work on-board US Military Support vessel


- Performed service on the backup power system for the US Embassy.

- Work on US military vessels in Singapore.

New Zealand

Privately owned yacht generator controls commissioning and testing.

Ravenna, Italy

This was for emergency breakdown repair of a US flagged research vessel operating in the area.

Catania, Itlay

Backup automated generator controls for US Military Communication Station


Commissioning of Medium Voltage switchboards on Brazil based oil and gas support vessels


Factory Acceptance testing oversight of 3rd part equipment as technical authority for Trinidad based oil and gas company


Oil and gas sites


Oil and gas sites


Oil and gas sites

Equatorial Guinea

Oil and gas sites


Oil and gas sites


Oil and gas sites


Worked on the backup power generation of the countries offshore main producer of natural gas as well as the onshore production facility.


Performed the backup power generation for a FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) that operates in Brazil.


Commissioning of the power plant for a land-based gas processing facility.

World-Class Turnkey Services

At Point Eight Power International, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle a project from start to finish. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing a turnkey, cradle-to-grave service that can oversee the entirety of our customers’ orders. From the initial design stage, to manufacturing, construction, and shipping, Point Eight Power International maintains a high standard of excellence. Additionally, our team is capable of removing old equipment, installing new equipment, providing maintenance and repair services, and even retrofitting equipment.

Our Global Presence

Point Eight Power International was first established when our parent company realized that there were few companies with a localized international presence that provided comparable turnkey services. Our goal as an international company is to provide global customers with faster and more reliable service. Beyond our standard engineering and manufacturing services, Point Eight Power International also provides unique options such as technical authority services, which involves an oversight of complete project packages.

Local Partnerships

While our global presence is far-reaching, Point Eight Power International operates on a local scale at each international site. For example, our first international base in Trinidad has established partnerships with businesses in the area, such as a company that provides calibration and certification services. By taking full advantage of local resources, Point Eight Power International is able to provide customers with quicker turnaround times because we have eliminated the long shipping times that non-localized companies must work around.

Retrofit Services to Avoid Operation Shut Downs

Retrofit is not just about replacing old equipment with new— Point Eight Power International understands the specifics that go into retrofitting. We tailor and customize the retrofitting process to revolve around what our clients need. Most importantly, clients do not have to shut down their operations in order to retrofit their equipment, avoiding the loss of profit that delays in production cause.

Contact Information

Point Eight Power International
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Field Service Engineer
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